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June 28, 2009

“Transformers: Revenge of the Blah Blah Blah” was SUPPOSED to be stupid, stupids! Ohhhhhh…

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Somebody said in response to responses to Todd Gilchrest’s Cinematical review of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Craft of Moviemaking”: “I am not sure what all of you are expecting a movie whose title is the name of the robots, but expecting some deep plot or amazingly woven story is just plain stupid. You can’t follow a rubric when grading movies like this, and this review seeks to adjust its scale to account for what this movie is and what it tries to be.”

Oh, so it’s stupid to want a movie that isn’t stupid, especially inasmuch as it was aiming for stupid!! Well, ya live and ya learn… Geez, of course, now come ter think of it, movies “like this” should not after all be graded like movies “like that.” But…is it really impossible to combine an intelligent script, dialogue, motivation, and story with crunchy action scenes of slamming metallic behemoths?

Gilchrest’s diligently angle-curving review may give more leeway to “T: ROF [AOM]” than the commenter gives it credit for. But in any case, truly, it is demonic, sensibility-annihilating, and just plain silly (hey, I was trying to be incontinently hyperbolic in descending order of excess, nitpicker!) to set the bar so low in such non-art-making or such non-critical-assessment that it is not only touching the ground but buried under it, and then bitch whenever anybody notices that part of what constitutes a slovenly ambition is, yo, the slovenliness.

So yeah, of course Michael Bay’s botch is crappo, ye naysayers. Dontcha get it? It was supposed to be crappo! Mission accomplished. Duh!


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