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July 28, 2009

Are you an advocate of liberty? Did you vote for Obama? If so, why so?

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Over at Robert Ringer’s blog, we find a two-part confession by Lauri Ringer, the great man’s daughter, who admits that she voted for Obama for president despite being libertarian in her philosophy. It is an interesting and laudably candid account, although I missed the part where it explained the vote for Obama. Fessing up to having been “hypnotized” is not sufficient.

It is true that many people were hornswoggled by candidate Obama who would not have voted for him had they but known what his actual agenda would be as it has played out.

But…there were background articles on the guy. Why were any advocates of freedom taken in? The unveiling of Obama’s socialist bent with Joe the Plumber, to whom he sang the praises of “spreading the wealth,” came too late to change the course of the campaign. But it did come, and it did explicitly affirm what was already clear from Obama’s track record, past statements, and many leftist and not accidental affiliations. I don’t believe that any degree of slick shysterism, no matter how charismatic, nor any degree of sneering contempt for one’s values from colleagues or friends (or “friends”), wipes out the ability or the responsibility to think.

As for the mammoth bias of the MSM, was this not evident well before election day?

I don’t assert that McCain was the only alternative for foes of self-enslavement. One could have abstained from voting for either major-party candidate. But if one had decided to vote for one or the other, the determination had to be made on the basis of which choice would be better for the future of freedom in this country and for the security of this country. There were some who claimed that the country needed to be subjected to the chastening destructiveness of Obama before a genuinely more palatable and pro-capitalist alternative could find enough support among the Appalled Disillusioned to be viable. Such calculations represented a big, big gamble, but at least the goal of those who made this argument was to advance freedom while fully recognizing that Obama is horrific. I myself prefer being mashed to death slowly to being mashed to death quickly, because it seems to me the slower the death trap, the more time one has to escape it and to explain to others that it’s a death trap.

But it is not, in any case, responsible to let yourself be swayed by the cadence of words or the giddiness of a historical moment as if the meaning of the words and what happens after everyone has thoroughly dunked themselves in the epic moment do not matter. One might call this phenomenon losing through being intimidated.


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