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March 9, 2010

Ken Leung is funny in “Lost”

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Last week on “Lost,” Miles, the sardonic Asian talker-to-dead-people, talked about how strange Claire was when she came to the temple, ending his report about her weirdness with the observation that she was “still hot though.” This week he uses his mystical ability to reveal that Ben killed Jacob, one of two mysterious and mutually antagonistic old souls on the island. The group leader who solicited Miles’s investigation into how Jacob died says to Ben bitterly, “Jacob was the closest thing I ever had to a father,” and stalks off. As Miles follows her he says to Ben, “Uh oh.” All the puncturingly anticlimactic wise-ass comments wouldn’t work so well if Leung weren’t so good at them. The major other drama-leavener in the show is Hurley. (Update 3/16/10: Also Sawyer [“Take me to your leader”]).


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