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August 17, 2010

Get the OffByOne browser

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I often use K-Meleon for regular browsing because it is faster than both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, though not as versatile as Firefox, which can be infinitely embellished with easily installed add-ons. Google Chrome also comes in handy for certain tasks. (I steer clear of Internet Explorer, but only because it’s sludge.)

But right now I want to especially recommend the OffByOne browser, which can’t do much else besides reading the text on a page, which is all it needs to do if all you want to do is read the text on a page and not get bogged down in scripts, animations and whatnot crap. It’s good for older computer systems that can easily get bogged down. If there is a lighter, less memory-consuming browser than OffByOne, I’ve never heard of it, despite the special study I once made of the browser universe (there are many, many browsers out there). OffByOne doesn’t work well for every web page but it can sometimes make your browsing a lot zippier. For example, I often use it to visit the New York Times home page. Instead of displaying article blurbs in the three or four columns that you typically have to navigate on that page, OffByOne just tosses it all into a single column. Its rendering of the page is not as pretty as that of other browsers, just easier and faster to scroll through. (OffByOne doesn’t render all home pages or newspaper home pages in efficient single column, however; whether it can do so depends also on how the page is coded. It displays the Los Angeles Times home page in clunkier fashion.)

The OffByOne browser takes five seconds to download, another five seconds to install, so just try it already.


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