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August 27, 2011

Socialist Cornel West is upset about “budget cuts”

The credibility of Cornel West–or of anyone who prates about the alleged injustice of alleged “giant budget cuts on the backs of the vulnerable” during the course of the Obama administration–has sunk to sub-Kelvin-zero levels.

First of all, suppose the poorest people (of the type willing and eager to accept government handouts) did indeed start getting fewer handouts from government. This would not mean that anything were being taken from the former recipients that belongs to them by right; it would simply mean that less were being taken by force of what belongs by right to other people but is then handed to the grasping poor people.

Being poor does not automatically entitle anyone to receive stolen goods. If anybody wants to help the poor, really and truly, over the long haul–not just help them to be leeches but help them to take care of themselves–what that person should be fervently advocating is the economic freedom that gives everyone, including those with the fewest skills and least job experience, the best chance to earn a living and to learn how to earn a living. Achieving a degree of economic freedom much greater than Americans enjoy now means massive budget cuts and massive tax cuts at all levels of government; it means taking dramatic action to systematically keep government the hell out of the way of market processes. But Cornel West says nothing about reducing government interference with the people in the economy who build the economy. Capital accumulation and wealth come from the sprinkling of fairy dust, so far as he knows. Indeed, he disparages what he calls “ridiculous claims about tax cuts’ stimulating growth.” Presumably, the less money that a business has to spend on a new plant, new office, or new jobs, the more stimulating the impact of its financial circumstances will be on the growth it must ergo forego.

Moreover, the notion that there have been any “budget cuts” during these Obama years is either a brazen lie or a fatuous delusion. Some federal wealth-transfer programs–or rates of increase in spending on some federal wealth-transfer programs–may have been “cut.” But what is the general trajectory of the federal budget? Net spending, including on Social Security, Medicare, and other welfare programs, has only been increasing. Phantom cuts in what the government “was going to” spend are not spending cuts. How many multiples of a trillion does Cornel West need to see represented on a chart before he grasps that when the arrow showing the direction of spending is pointing upward, this means that spending is increasing? How stupid can the man be? Pick one: a) very stupid; b) very very stupid; c) very very very stupid; d) very very very very stupid; or e) very very very very very stupid.

The strategy of economically illiterate and proudly innumerate quintuply-stupid socialists like West seems to be to whine bitterly that anything even a millimeter or milligram less than complete government takeover of the economy constitutes a horrific concession to the greed of evil capitalists–why do they even want to breathe, the oxygen-sucking bastards?–and horrific burden on the backs of the poor–who, however, would not be able to survive at all were it not for the productive efforts of the “vicious” capitalists. That Cornel West, a “[bad] philosopher” and Princeton professor who claims a spiritual affinity with Martin Luther King, also brags about his collaboration with a blithering blatherer like Tavis Smiley in spreading the anti-honest-living gospel is still more proof of the professor’s moral caliber, not to mention cast-iron stomach. I agree with West, though, that we should shut down the immoral war on drugs-taking people. Good point, West. Keep up the good work.


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