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September 26, 2011

Rich people, please stop begging the government to rob you more

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According to a New York Times report on an Obamanable town hall meeting:

“I’m unemployed by choice,” said the man, Doug Edwards, who confirmed later that he was the 59th person hired by Google and had written a book titled “I’m Feeling Lucky.” “My question,” he said, addressing the president, “is would you please raise my taxes?”

What is it with self-immolating rich people that they’re so eager to destroy the wealth and rights of all the rest of us, as well as their own wealth and rights? Obviously, if the president succeeds in raising this guy’s taxes, it won’t be in consequence of legislation directed at just this one guy, or only Doug Edwards and Warren Buffet. If Edwards wants to give all his money to a determined economy-destroyer like President Obama, he is free to send all his cash in barrels drifting down the Potomac toward the White House. He doesn’t need new tax laws in order to give away his money.

The rest of us want to keep what’s in our wallets and want the economy to recover so that we have means of making money and paying bills the day after tomorrow. We don’t want the most productive individuals in the economy to be taxed into oblivion. People who want to immolate themselves should just do it in the privacy of their own basements without trying to take the rest of us down with them.

By “we” and “us” in the above comments, I mean people with ethics and common sense. I understand that willfully self-blinded socialistic destroyers of our economy and future may disagree.


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