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February 11, 2012

Is the only way to build a “lasting” economy to destroy what remains of the freedom of this one?

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The Times reporter quotes a sacred new Obama Administration budget document that the reporter says is “permeated by” the language of the President’s State of the Union address. In the words of the budget plan, it is time to “construct an economy that is built to last.” Why didn’t we think of this 223 years ago?

Time for whom to construct it? Central planners in Washington DC–or individual planners making decisions alone or in voluntary cooperation with other individuals about how to spend their own resources and how to advance their own businesses and futures? What happens if a part of the Obama-plan-built economy, say a major company, threatens to go out of business? Will it be enabled to “last” anyway? From whom will the funds needed to prop up failing companies be extracted? From those capable of running more successful companies and who need the resources to expand on their own successes rather than to subsidize and perpetuate the failures of others?

According to Obama’s budget document, “We must transform our economy from one focused on speculating, spending and borrowing to one constructed on the solid foundation of educating, innovating, and building.” 

It’s as if the President of the United States has no idea that his socialist plans are based on wishful thinking of the most logic-defying, experience-defying, facilely speculative sort–and on the power of government guns to overcome any cogent objections which our rulers cannot refute. It’s as if he has no idea that he himself has been an avid supporter of trillion-plus budget deficits every year so far of his administration, an avid supporter of untrammeled spending of other people’s money and of untrammeled borrowing and untrammeled inflation.

It’s as if the President has no idea that the government’s growing power to tax, regulate, and destroy the true educators, the true innovators and the true builders of the country can tend only to impede or kill learning, innovation and building. It’s as if he has no idea that the innovators who deserve our most heartfelt thanks are the ones who give us the most powerful and efficient ways to escape the government’s slithering and strangling tendrils.

It’s as if the President has no idea that his administration’s fuzzy and contradictory incantations about how we must “win the future” (by destroying the futures of those who know how to win it)–the incantations which pass for bright, noble and self-evidently true economic, political or social insight–can serve only to further clog the ability to think of anyone who cons himself into believing that this stuff makes sense. It’s as if he has no idea that one does not by such anti-educative means “educate” persons whose capacity for rational thought has so often been assailed rather than nurtured by the curriculum and principles of public schooling. Unless we take “education” to be a mere synonym for “brainwashing.”

You don’t build by destroying. You don’t unleash innovation by shackling and punishing those best at innovating. You don’t teach or inspire people to learn or to gather and assess evidence or to logically analyze patently fatuous claims by peddling bullshit as if it were the aromatic and incontrovertible distilled wisdom of the ages.


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