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February 12, 2012

Get ready for still more tightening of the leash, O holy socialists

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Some devout Catholics who have supported Obamafascistcare but who oppose contraception and who especially oppose the use of abortifacients, i.e., the kind of contraception that kills incipient fetuses, are upset by the Obama administration’s recent decision to compel church-run institutions to provide contraceptives free of charge to their charges and employees.

What did religious socialists expect? That only their own judgment and conscience in matters directly and indirectly medical was not to be downtrodden by the rulers and regulators imposing the million and one rules authorized by Obamafascistcare?

If one awards a government dictatorial new powers, as Congress did when it passed Obamafascistcare over the objections of the merely sane and informed, those dictatorial powers will be used to–guess what–dictate. Persons will be given orders about how they must spend their time and money. And if, today, in response to widespread uproar, the Obamafascistcarers deign to compromise or to pretend to compromise on the exact terms of the latest dictat, one must not be surprised if, tomorrow, the Obamafascistcarers coyly roll back the rollback, i.e., JustMoveOn now that everybody has had a chance to become accustomed to their new roles as meekly subservient thralls to Obamafascistcaring.

The most fundamental objection to government’s compelling anybody to provide anybody In Need with anything other than redress of a demonstrated violation of the recipient’s actual rights is that such compulsion is itself a violation of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of the person being thus unjustifiably compelled. Yes, if you are religious and are opposed to the use of contraception, you will object to being compelled to provide your employees or students with free contraceptives on the grounds that being forced to aid and abet the use of contraception is against your religious precepts and conscience. But there are a great many things that individuals will be forced to do under Obamafascistcare which they would not have done were they not being compelled and to which they might object; and these objections will be informed by many different personal concerns.

The objection to Obamafascistcare that everybody should share is that being compelled by government to live one’s life in a way other than that which is in accordance with one’s own judgment and values is an immoral violation of the rights of the individual. To flourish as human beings in society, we must all seek to disseminate our values by persuasion and voluntary cooperation, not by force. We need to leave other people alone and we need other people to leave us alone; we should not, directly or by proxy, be ordering each other around at the point of a gun.


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