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June 1, 2012

You will want this book

Filed under: Scrammo — davidmbrowndotcom @ 10:35 am

From the bestselling author of Why Has My Book Sold Only Ten Copies? comes the blockbuster tale of love and murder Parakeet, O Parakeet!

Mary likes petunias. She also likes butter knives.

Little does Mary know that she will soon meet the love of her life, Fred, at the annual petunias-and-butter-knives festival, held every year in Jersey City near the Grover Street PATH station. And when her new romantic interest turns out to be a hit man whose latest job is to kill her pet parakeet–boy, do the sparks fly then! For if there is anything that Mary likes even more than petunias and butter knives, it is parakeets. And now her parakeet is dead. Dead.

Can Mary forgive Fred for drowning her parakeet in the toilet? Or will she accept his gift of a new parakeet to replace the dead one? Who hired Fred to kill her parakeet? Could it be her parakeet-hating ex-boyfriend, Bill?

And what happens when Fred finally meets the hitherto-anonymous man who hired him? Boy, do the sparks fly then! Fred and Bill couldn’t care less about parakeets, but they both love Mary–and each other! And butter knives! And petunias! And scones!


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