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October 25, 2012

No, Apple did not commit a crime by introducing the iPad 4

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Traumatized IPad 3 owners may be demanding “justice” for the terrible precipitation of their buyer’s remorse, but no injustice is involved in Apple’s bringing out a successor to iPad 3 faster than expected. The capacities of the iPad 3 are not impaired by the arrival of iPad 4, and Apple is not contractually obligated to adopt a slower update schedule than is feasible and that Apple deems appropriate simply because some customers would have preferred a slower schedule. Buyer’s remorse comes with the tech territory. There’s no “injustice” implied by rapid technological development or by a firm’s desire to produce better products than rivals are producing.

Would it be bad if Apple were able to introduce substantially improved versions of the iPad, or of any of its flagship products, once a month? On the contrary, it would mean a much faster pace of technological development than is currently possible. It would mean a net benefit for all new customers of these products. This would be “unjust”?

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