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November 7, 2012

After Obama’s reelection, give up or give clarity?

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The only chance to achieve major progress toward a fundamental alternative to Obama’s socialism and dictats is to offer a fundamental alternative to these. Never mind about ground game, polling methodologies, tactical blips and blunders. Suppose Romney had managed to eke out a narrow victory. How then could he have proceeded to repeal Obamacare and lead the way to the massive spending and tax cuts that are needed? Would he have even been inclined to fight for them?

Of course Obama is hard-core leftie and vicious, much worse than Romney; so we would have had a better chance to expand our freedom and improve our economy with Romney than with Obama. But Romney is muddled at best. In Massachusetts, he signed off on Romneycare, the proto-clone of Obamacare. Romney would most likely have sought to entrench aspects of Obamacare he “could agree with,” and otherwise fecklessly prepared the way for the next Democratic incursions. It may well be true, as Romney infamously speculated, that 47%+ of voters “can’t” be–or, at least in the short term, won’t allow themselves to be–reached by any appeal to values of freedom and self-reliance and non-robbery-of-thy-neighbors. But let’s find that out instead of trying to guess at it by offering only a muddled and self-contradictory alternative to full-throttle Obama-style statism. Alleged friends of freedom who divine from this defeat that the best way to proceed is to give up for lost even more of our rights and freedoms so as to avoid alienating the most recalcitrant Obama supporters are following the same failed strategy that has so often served to entrench and expand the welfare state since at least the New Deal. You don’t win battles you don’t fight.

What should Republicans in Congress do now? For one, obstruct. Don’t, for example, raise the debt ceiling–i.e., act instead as if the ceiling is a ceiling. Offer, at the very least, a balanced budget. Why not? And push for it. Don’t give up when demonized by the lib-dems. Expose their obfuscations and lies. Etc.

For two, explain–clearly, simply, repeatedly–what is at stake, what will happen to our wealth and freedom if the looters of our wealth and freedom are allowed to keep on stealing them and eroding our ability to foster our own well-being. Explain how our wealth and freedom will decline, ever more precipitously. And how it will then be harder not only for the productive people, but for everybody, to survive. Europe is the preview. Explain also that stealing stuff is wrong.


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