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March 12, 2013

Are sugary-drink-guzzling New Yorkers getting a reprieve from Big Brother?

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New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s looming law to ban Big Soda is vicious in all kinds of ways.

The idea is to stop an individual from drinking “too much” sugary drink during a snack or meal. Under the ban, sometimes you’d be able to buy more than 16 ounces of soda in a single container, sometimes not.

Bloomberg has touted the ease of evading the regulation as a reason not to be disturbed by it. Settle down, doomsayers! If you’re so thirsty, just buy a more expensive multiple of small servings! Meanwhile, he’s saving us from the plight of obesity, or so he pretends to think. People are dying, Bloomberg reminds us. True enough, we’re all mortal. And we all take various risks in the process of living our lives. Sometimes in relation to the food and drink we ingest! Ergo, why not make the time we have left as uncomfortable and tyranny-ridden as possible? (Hmm…mightn’t the oppression itself, though, serve to abbreviate our life spans–or anyway chip away at the quality of our lives–by thwarting our ability to judge for ourselves how to sustain our lives, including how to apportion what we ingest, as well as by depressing our spirits vis-a-vis how hard it has become to escape the mandates and rhetoric of the gun-toting nannies of the world? It might!)

Whether the ban is futile or one more step toward telescreens in every room to monitor our every nutritional move, or both, New Yorkers who reject this immoral violation of their rights now have a friend in Justice Milton Tingling, who has blocked implementation of the ban in part on the grounds of its “uneven enforcement.”

“Uneven enforcement” is the least of the problem. I’m sure you can imagine that if the law were allowed to stand, Bloomberg and other government functionaries bloated with statist inclinations would have no problem saying “hey, sure, let’s harden the prohibition to make it more consistent.” Next he’d be soliciting bids from telescreen companies.

To be sure, Justice Tingling also decries the blubbery “administrative Leviathan” that would be spawned by the ban.

The city is appealing the ruling. Who will win? Bloomberg, arch enemy of adipose and individual rights, or the rights of liquid-drinking New Yorkers?


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