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July 2, 2016

In case of foul-mouthed Islamo-fascist would-be terrorist, viewer discretion advised

Filed under: Ethics,Islam,Psychology,Religion,Terrorism — davidmbrowndotcom @ 6:14 am

Whether or not the wild-eyed, hijabified woman in this video is only fantasizing about blowing up a plane (and such things are always unbelievable fantasies before they become unbelievable realities), her foul-mouthed anger at America and gays–existence of which is “not allowed!” (so that, on her view, the 50 slaughtered in Orlando well deserved to be slain)–is transparently sincere. If she’s acting as some kind a sick game, the performance is Oscar-worthy. (Let’s assign a .0001% probability to the explanation that it’s Actress Derangement Syndrome.) Note that this proto-terrorist regards it as irrational per se and murder-worthy per se to reject Islam and to reject the dictates of fascistic sharia rule.

A less-important matter: Assuming that she is exactly what she appears to be, why did she spout her venom to an unallied cameraman on her way into an airport? But it’s really no great mystery. The relationship between inveterate generic wackoism and unalloyed sympathy for Islamomurderousness is undoubtedly reciprocal. Each inspires and exacerbates the other.


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