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July 12, 2016

Facts Matter: The collectivism and the collaborationism of the Black Lives Matter movement

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Just a few days ago, in response to a Drudge Report headline stating that “Black Lives Kill: 4 Cops Shot Dead In Dallas,” David French, at the National Review Online site, in indictment of the headline, wrote: “When we tribalize conflict, we create a tribalized society. It’s that simple.”

Simple. Yet French’s later article, “Black Lives Matter: Radicals Using Moderates to Help Tear America Apart,” explains how Black Lives Matter is dominated by the type of ideas and persons who, on collectivist or tribal grounds, would rationalize and excuse the murder of the five cops shot dead in Dallas–even if many who call themselves participants in the movement would never themselves endorse those rationalizations and excuses.

Of course, if the Drudge Report headline writer, let’s say Drudge, intended to imply that all persons without exception who have marched in the streets protesting demonstrably unwarranted killings by police officers are also directly responsible for the cop murders in Dallas, that headline is badly wrong. It’s that simple. The headline writer is, then, assigning collective guilt, and is indifferent to any differences in motives and ideas of individual participants in the Black Lives Matter movement.

On the other hand, maybe the headline is guilty primarily of imprecisely truncating an essay-long argument that the Black Lives Matter movement is led by collectivist thugs who would rationalize murdering cops–even if the movement also includes many fair-minded foes of any plain murder, no matter the color or job of the victim or the perpetrator.

The Black Lives Matter movement arguably does include many unvicious protestors who, for whatever reasons, perhaps just ignorance and thoughtlessness, are willing to be associated with and march side by side with collectivist thugs and with those who loudly and volubly care not whether a police officer’s shooting is justified in any particular case. Judging by interviews that have appeared in the press, such innocents do exist. They don’t read manifestos and David French articles, or the papers. Perhaps they also don’t listen to what is being shouted from bullhorns at the protests they attend.

At any rate, it is fair to say that Drudge’s headline does not supply a complete argument. It’s that simple.


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